Knowledge can help you prevent Ills

Our body is quite a complex mechanism with interconnected organs and systems that work in tandem to keep us going. Most often our knowledge of various medical conditions or maladies that are inflicted upon our body is limited and hence we suffer until such time that we are no longer able to bear and seek medical help. But many times with a bit of knowledge and awareness of the common afflictions one can take preventive action and effectively fight the onslaught of possible disease.

A hemorrhoid is one such condition that is common to most people. Of course this does require medical attention and treatment, but one can take sufficient precaution to ensure that the condition is eliminated or is kept under control. So for every patient, knowledge about Hemorrhoids is very important.

First of all let us explain what Hemorrhoids are. Known commonly as piles, these are vascular structures that are present in the lower rectum or anal canal that help control the passing of stool. When they get inflamed or swollen they become piles and are very painful to endure.

Secondly let us tell you about the possible causes of Piles. The swelling in the rectal veins are caused by several factors including chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation, lot of straining during passing of stools, sitting in the toilet seat for long period and mainly due to lack of sufficient fiber in the daily diet. Piles also occur in people whose connective rectal tissues weaken due to aging process. Besides piles are known to occur during pregnancy too.

You might sometimes feel extreme pain and suffering during passing of stools. But if you want to be sure that you are suffering from piles, then it is important for you to recognize the symptoms. Hemorrhoids are mainly of two types, internal and external. If you are suffering from internal hemorrhoids which are present inside the rectum then the symptoms could be that you find rectal bleeding without much pain. There can be severe itching in the anus. In case of external hemorrhoids there is extreme pain that one suffers from, along with blood clots that form in the veins around the anus which form sort of swollen lump.

We come to the most important part of the explanation which is the talk about treatment options for Hemorrhoids. There are two main approaches to treat piles. First is to do with trying out home remedies which is by changing the diet and lifestyle. Most important thing is to ensure the diet is fiber rich so that the stools pass through easily without much straining. One can also try using some ready made products such as fiber supplements as well as laxatives or stool softeners. It is also important to ensure that one drinks plenty of liquids everyday. Lastly exercising is very important to ensure the muscles remain strong.

The second option of medical treatment by medical parishioner comes into picture if the swelling and pain gets out of hand. There are several treatment options available, which the doctors will deploy depending upon the case. Rubber band ligation is a common treatment option which involves placing a special rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid thus cutting off the circulation whereby it is forced to shrink. The other option called Sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical solution into the blood vessel to shrink the hemorrhoid. There is yet another option called infrared coagulation where in the doctor uses heat to shrink the hemorrhoids.

In case all the above options do not help, doctors can also exercise surgical intervention to remove large hemorrhoids.